Like millions of other people, I lost my job due to the economic downturn caused by the pandemic. My story isn’t unique in that regard. I am also a member of the Gen X generation and am now 50.

I have more than enough formal education for any position for which I am applying and the student loans to go with it. I have an extensive employment history with glowing references. According to LinkedIn, I am a top applicant for many of the hundreds positions for which I have applied. Yet, I am finding my applications aren’t being taken seriously.

After the insurrectionists attacked the US Capitol in an attempt to halt our democracy, the government needs to take action to preserve the Constitution. Those who assaulted Capitol police need to be charged. So too those who vandalized the building — and everyone who took it by force (everyone who entered the building after the breach is included in this category). And everyone who whipped up the crowd with lies and incendiary speech to encourage these actions should be charged as well.

Just as importantly as the above, Congress needs to call what happened what it was — an insurrection…

May is Older Americans Month. This is a time when we ought to be honoring and celebrating elders. Instead, the country is in the midst of a pandemic which has been especially devastating to those elders. How do we respond? Unfortunately, many are responding by deciding that we cannot wait any longer to get our hair done. Some are saying that we need to balance financial health with physical health. Others are being more crass and saying that grandparents should be willing to die for their grandchildren. …

now many “Believe Women” only when it is politically convenient — thoughts on the 2020 Presidential elections

I believe women. In 1991, I believed Anita Hill. Later, I believed Paula Jones. I believe Dr. Ford. I believe the countless women who came forward in 2017 as part of the #metoo movement. I believe the many women who have come forward about Trump. I believe the women who said Joe Biden made them feel uncomfortable. And I believe Tara Reade. I believe women.

I must acknowledge that the Me Too Movement started well before 2017. It began in 2006 and was started by the incomparable Tarana Burke. Ms. …

We are in the midst of both a health crisis and an economic crisis. In order to quickly address the economic crisis, we need to have a universal basic income now.

As of this writing, millions of Americans have filed for unemployment (16.8 million). Many more haven’t been able to get through to unemployment in order to file. While the CARES Act expanded unemployment to the self-employed, states have not yet been given direction as to how to process these claims. To make things more complicated, many Americans were juggling multiple jobs and side-hustles before the pandemic hit. For many…

Despite what Americans like to believe, there has always been rationing of health care. In our country, most of the rationing that patients experience has to do with one’s ability to pay rather than a lack of equipment or professionals. But even before this crisis, there have always been common procedures where there is a temporary shortage for one reason or another and thus those types of decisions that must be made. The most obvious example is with organ transplants. Not everyone who needs a transplant gets a transplant. In order to address this shortage, we have tried to encourage…

When faced with a major crisis (as the world is now), there are primarily two ways to react. One is to be compassionate and look to see how we can improve the world. The other is to focus the fear and blame on people and to use the crisis to perpetuate hate. The choice is ours to make.

In this short essay, I will give a brief sweeping history of responses to crises, an overview of observations as to how we are currently reacting to this current crisis brought on by the covid-19 pandemic, and conclude with some specific proposals…

Hope in a time of fear

These are scary times. Though most of us are practicing social distancing and trying to flatten the curve, there will still be a curve. Most of us will survive, but many people will not. This economic impact so many are facing is to make sure fewer people die than would otherwise be the case. It sucks, but having more people die would suck more.

I’m optimistic that even many regardless of political party are realizing that we are all connected.

I’m optimistic that people who clean for a living, people who deliver goods, those…

I am a firm believer that in order to have a working democracy, a society needs:

  • An educated populace
  • A free press
  • Civil discourse

Unfortunately, all three of these prerequisites have been under attack.

An Educated Populace

In order to determine who the best candidate for any given office might be, advocate for or against policy positions, and actively engage in a democracy, the populace must be an educated one. Please note that the term “educated” does not mean a specific level of formal education. …

In Trump’s 2018 State of the Union, he urged Congress to pass the legislation euphemistically called “Right to Try” allowing terminal patients to take drugs or pursue experimental treatments in the early experimental stages. While this sounds like a great idea because no one wants to deny a patient hope, there are serious problems with the legislation as written.

Before I go into criticisms of the bill, let me say I am all for self-determination. Someone should be able to do with their body what they wish. …

Bentley Davis

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