Hope in a time of fear

These are scary times. Though most of us are practicing social distancing and trying to flatten the curve, there will still be a curve. Most of us will survive, but many people will not. This economic impact so many are facing is to make sure fewer people die than would otherwise be the case. It sucks, but having more people die would suck more.

I’m optimistic that even many regardless of political party are realizing that we are all connected.

I’m optimistic that people who clean for a living, people who deliver goods, those who stock grocery shelves, warehouse workers, farmers, nursing assistants, and other frequently low paying positions are, indeed, vital services.

I’m optimistic that so many are acting (or staying home) out of concern for their neighbors and communities.

I’m optimistic that people are realizing that public health matters.

I’m hopeful that we can realize that the role of government is more than military and law enforcement.

I hope that we can understand that taxes aren’t evil but are instead a way to pay for those things that any one of us cannot.

I’m hopeful that our listening to science in regard to this pandemic might lead folks to listen to scientists in other matters too (like climate change).

I hope that more of us can now agree that healthcare is a right. And that preserving health requires something larger than a profit motive.

I hope that we can now agree that paid sick days aren’t a luxury, but a way to protect us all.

I am hopeful that our deep partisan divide can be somewhat healed by recognizing that through this crisis there have been good leaders who are members of both parties — and there have been bad leaders who are members of both.

I am optimistic that when we get through this, we will have a stronger sense of community.

Please let your loved ones know they are loved — even if you can’t give them hugs. Please know that I care about you, my friends.

Phoenix in Flight, Watercolor, by Bentley Davis

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